November 12, 2008

Esperantoland: Vocabulary day

Time for another journey into Esperantoland, and this time, it's all about words.

These three flashcard–style videos are by Andreo S. Jankovskij at You can either watch them YouTube style by going to the Kinejo, or download them here as AVIs.

The first two are just general gatherings of words (spot the one duplicated word in both). Also note that in some of the words, certain letters are colored. They indicate affixes worth noting. (One of the genius strokes of Esperanto is that you can build your vocabulary with a good supply of root words, or radikoj, and an understanding of affixes and how they work.)

This third video is all–food. Watch this one to the very end:

All three videos ©2007 Andrej S. Jankovskij.

(No, I don't know if he's been to the States, let alone during college football season.)

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