November 3, 2008

Election Special: Jesus Politics

Tomorrow's the big day in the States. Election Day. Two big name candidates, one of whom will occupy the White House as of this January.

Today, both Democratic hopeful Barack Obama and his Republican rival John McCain are hitting as many states as they can, trying to sway the undecided. (I feel bad for Cynthia McKinney, who is running on the Green ticket, and who deserves far better than the hand dealt her.)

Meanwhile, TV viewers in Britain got a chance to watch Ilan Ziv's Jesus Politics: The Bible & the Ballot, itself created from road trip footage meeting with devout activists and archival footage featuring the likes of Randall Balmer and the Moral Majority's Paul Weyrich.

Have a look a the trailer:

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There's also a honest assessment of the film over at Talk to Action.

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