October 10, 2008

No sleep 'til Poland!

Heads up, everyone: 350.org wants the next President of the United States of America — be it Barrack Obama, John McCain, Cynthia McKinney, whoever — to be part of the next United Nations Climate Meetings, which will be held this December in Poland.

The upshot: To get the United States, a long–time global polluter, to reform and join the world in dealing with climate change, at last.

Of course, the current Commander–in–Thief will still be in the White House, but he will have no say on what comes out of this gathering.

The idea: Create lots of video invites, and upload them to the 350.org website:

And here's how you can send the invite:

Both videos ©2008 350.org.

Got a camera that can hook up to your PC, Mac, or Linux box? Got a Blip.tv account? Got your message firmed up? Get cracking!

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