October 13, 2008

House Lights: Now we know this means war

Last night, while in New York City recording street footage, your Projectionist took some down time inside the Virgin Megastore in Times Square (to buy the aforementioned Negativland DVD, Our Favorite Things, along with CDs of music by Bela Bartok, Nikolai Rimsky–Korsakov, Pitor Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, and Giacomo Puccini). One title I considered — but decided to pass on this day — was a new Disinformation/Brave New Films DVD (Region 0 NTSC, I believe) of The Real McCain: Less Jobs. More Wars. (Maybe later this week?)

I bring this up because this past Friday, Robert Greenwald and company filed a lawsuit aimed at talk radio shock jock Michael Savage.

While this came about because the jock managed to get YouTube to cancel BNF's account over one video criticizing Savage's condemnation of Muslims in general (here's a post which includes Savage's original complaint), it's clear that this is about far more, as the "No Savage" campaign makes quite clear.

You can read more about the lawsuit here, and take a look at the video that caused the stir (which for some strange reason I can't embed here).

For those new to the story, have a read of this excerpt from Rory O'Connor's book about shock talk jocks, and this item from Crooks and Liars which shows what happened when the "No Savage" campaign kicked in.

I expect this will not be the last word on the subject. Stay tuned.

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