October 13, 2008

House Lights: Black screen of death?

Your Projectionist had a great time scarfing up video footage from the wilds of New York City's Times Square — all of it finding its way somehow into a mash–up video he is working on. (He got some twenty minutes' worth, plus a decent amount of still images as well — more than enough to work with. And he didn't even get arrested, which is a big plus.)

There'll be more on the video eventually, but for now we share with you this amazing sight showing a Planters® sign and something very ominous where some looped video footage apparently should have been:

And some wonder why your Projectionist prefers his Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac gear…

Speaking of mash–ups: He also came home with Our Favorite Things, a whammy of a DVD (Region 0 NTSC) & CD package by one of his fave mash–up acts, Negativland. It's on Other Cinema. Look for a review eventually.

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