September 3, 2008

Young People's Matinée: Jojo kaj Bubu en la parko

This may be a little late for the young ones going back to school, but it's so good that your Projectionist — who is also an Esperantist — couldn't resist.

Produced by the generous folks at Lausanne, Switzerland–based DANNIRéalisations, this is a simple short entitled Jojo kaj Bubu en la parko. Yes, it's about two friends — a puppet rabbit (Jojo) and a bear (Bubu) — having a great time at a amusement park.

The Esperanto in this short is easy enough that I'm certain every komencanto (beginner) will get it.

Ĝuu, karaj amikoj! Enjoy, everybody!

©2007 DANNIRéalisations.

Elkoran dankon! Thank you, our good friends in Lausanne!

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