September 3, 2008

Oh, McCain, McCain, not again

Your Projectionist has smelt the GOP/neo–con Kool–Aid® just by tuning in to some of the conservative talk stations which dominate AM radio in the New York Metropolitan Area (yeah, WABC, WOR, and Salem's WNYM a/k/a the Apple, I mean all three of you). The way they support presumptive Republican presidential and vice–presidential hopefuls John McCain and Sarah Palin, it's almost as if they can't inhale (or make) enough gallons of the bug juice. (Michael Medved, once an interesting movie critic on public television, especially worries me now.)

Maybe they need to wipe their chins, tone down the rhetoric, and listen to Dr. Philip Butler, who remembers the McMan quite well…

©2008 Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films/Brave New PAC.

Now, Mr. Medved and company: As you were saying…?

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