September 26, 2008

Creature Feature(tte): Dracula's Back

Tonight, dear friends, your Projectionist sends love to Ian and Kimberly Wilder, two Green Party people who take an occasional time out from their political work to have a good time… such as this low–/no–budget digital movie making class held at Huntington (Long Island), New York's Cinema Arts Centre, with Glenn Andreiev as their teacher:

2008 Ian and Kimberly Wilder.

And here is the quickie end result, Joel Moskowitz's Dracula's Back:

2008 Joel Moskowitz.

Please don't say the place formerly known as the New Community Cinema was that desperate for someone to work the counter.

Not bad, but let's see how you survive a Damon Packard masterclass. I mean, if you want to do kick–ass digital moviemaking…

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