September 8, 2008

Coming Attractions: Slacker Uprising

They can assault him with mere words (as did one Paul A. Ibbetson quite recently), and they can keep making muck flicks mocking him (yeah, Citizens United, I mean you) — but you can't keep Michael Moore down, much less away from a camera. Case in point: The trailer for his latest, Slacker Uprising:

Courtesy Brave New Films / Dog Eat Dog Films.

U.S. and Canadian residents only: Sign up on the website to download the feature for free (and make sure you've got sufficient disk space!).

The NTSC DVD streets on September 23, for USD 10. And yes, it'll have enough extra stuff to keep you entertained.

There's more about the film over at BuzzFlash, including some backstory on the movie's original title and what (sadly) ended up on the cutting room floor due to music royality issues. (Guess you can't have everything.)

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