September 12, 2008

Coming Attractions: Proud American

Your Projectionist went through his little folder of Conservative bookmarks (some of which might make a few people scratch their heads), but it seems that no one has yet written about Fred Ashman's new feature Proud American, which opens today without studio distribution of any visible kind — but has sponsorship from The Coca–Cola® Company, American Airlines, and (yes) WalMart.

It's too bad that the conservative movie blog LIBERTAS is on still very much on hiatus. They are easily annoyed by anything that shows the United States in a less–than–flattering light, to put it mildly. (Go through the back posts to see how easily irked they can be.) Judging from the trailer — which I can't embed online, but which you can see on the Proud American website — it looks like this film could be a welcome tonic for them.

In any event, your Projectionist is intrigued by the trailer, and he just might go to catch a matinée. Watch this post for updates and possibly a full review.

[UPDATE 2008.09.15: No need for a full review here, considering that this film, despite all good intentions from Mr. Ashman and his Lightsource company, turned out to be a hard sell — especially with new films by Joel & Ethan Cohen (Burn After Reading, Universal–Focus) and Tyler Perry (The Family that Preys, Lionsgate) which did very well, at No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. Mr. Ashman's own efforts — which include a well done midsection about a Chicago youth who escapes the streets and becomes a family doctor — are undone by some sappy music choices (which could have come from a Christian patriotic pagent "musical" — name your own choices here) and what seems to be an attempt to appeal to diehard 1970's TV variety show fans. I guess patriotism can be a very hard sell — especially if you prefer full–blown show tunes to something more… well, restrained.

One last note: I was the only one in the auditorium for the matinée. Fancy that. My own private screening, for a movie with promise that should have been better handled than it was.]

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