September 23, 2008

Coming Attractions: The Princess of Nebraska

Your humble(d) Projectionist is slowly getting up off the floor due to a nasty virus that laid him low for a few days. (Imagine all your joints aching simultaneously, lying in bed or standing.) While part of him is still stiff and sore, all signs are looking great again, and he will soon be back at his normal activities (and pursuing a new full–time job) with renewed, vigorous force. (The Damon Packard DVDs — especially the ones of Reflections of Evil, The Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary, and SpaceDisco One — have also been a tremendous help.)

And with that out of the way…

The big news is about The Princess of Nebraska, the new film from director Richard Wong, who made Colma: The Musical. That film landed him a moviemaking gig with no less than Chan is Missing director Wayne Wang — with the goal of adapting two Yiyun Li stories; The Princess of Nebraska, intentionally made on new digital camcorders as well as on actual cellphones (we're not making this up), is the second. (More details are up at NPR's Monkey See blog.)

And now that we have your attention, young no–budget movie moguls (that includes your Projectionist), here is a taste of what's to come… and how Magnolia Pictures will unveil it to the world on Friday, October 17th (not rated at the moment):

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

That's right, folks. A YouTube premiére. Not for downloading or embedding (it'll be inside YouTube's Screening Room). But why not jack in on October 17th to have a look?

Hey, someone want to get the popcorn and some fruit?

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