September 29, 2008

Backbones don't do bailouts

In the thick of the ongoing rush to shove through a USD 700 billion bailout package for the USA's greedy financial industry, one Congressman — Representative Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio — was one brave soul reaching for the brakes:

Run this remark through your cranium today:

Mister Speaker, when I was a child in Cleveland, there was a myth that if you took a shovel and dug a hole deep enough, you could get to China. We’re there.

And how right he is. And it isn't pretty.

[UPDATE 16h46: I have since learned that the House of Representatives said no to the bailout… 228 nays, 205 yeas. And that was enough to bring the Dow Jones down. Lots of crybabies on Wall Street, and hardly anyone willing to deal with the real issue, much less put a finger on it. Shall we start with deregulated markets gone wild?]

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