August 6, 2008

To our friends north of the border

Attention, Cannucks: I know this is old news, but September 15th is drawing near.

Back in June, Michael Geist — a law professor at the University of Ottawa and the founder of Fair Copyright for Canada — threw down the gauntlet by inviting his fellow Canadians to fashion short YouTube–able pieces for FCFC's C61 in 61 Seconds Campaign.

For those of you outside of Canada, C–61, also notoriously known as "the Canadian DMCA," is Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice's proposed rewrite of his nation's Copyright laws — and a very draconian rewrite at that.

There's more at Mr. Geist's blog — but for now, and if you're Canadian and have what it takes, here are your marching orders:

I'll start showing some of the entries here shortly.

To all those who will be affected by this bill, just three more words:

The clock's ticking.

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