August 25, 2008

How not to do a trailer

It's bad enough when you become suspicious about the possibility that, one way or another, your vote won't be counted.

It gets worse when you learn that yet another non–fiction feature on the very subject has been given a limited release. Especially when you stop to consider that the matter has been dealt with by a better flick (American Blackout, available on one all–region DVD from Disinformation).

Then comes the title of the johnny–come–lately flick: Stealing America: Vote by Vote.

How could it get worse? Look at the trailer Direct Cinema made for their release!

Courtesy Direct Cinema, Ltd.

Guys. was it absolutely necessary to narrate the intertitles?

FYI, PopMatters's Cynthia Fuchs wrote the best assessment of the film, while conservative blogger/pundit Debbie Schussel wrote… well, you'll see. (Check out her interesting rating system.)

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