August 23, 2008

Goodbye, Kleenex®?

Some of us, afflicted with allergies of one kind or another, have no choice but to blow our noses. Sometimes it means a hankerchief, but more often than not, it's a box of bloomin' tissues.

That said, your Projectionist would prefer seeing more hankies than tissues for sale.

We bring this up because it seems Kimberly–Clark, which makes Kleenex® products, recently pacted with the Walt Disney Company to do a marketing tie– between Kleenex® and Disney's recent Pixar–erd animation WALL–E™.

And so, dear friends, another pact was created — to stop the Disney/Kleenex® scheme in its tracks — by Mark Fiore and Greenpeace.

And here is what they did, little children:

2008 Mark Fiore / Greenpeace.

Let's hope the creators of a certain Broadway musical–turned–movie have a sense of humor. They'll need it.

Meanwhile, your Projectionist is on a hankee hunt.

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