August 31, 2008

Feature Presentation; Naomi Klein, live

Since your Projectionist mentioned subMedia and its frequently—made It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine, it probably won't hurt to embed one episode for our beloved viewers.

This episode contains the speech that journalist/author/lecturer Naomi Klein (whose book The Shock Doctrine is her most recent work) gave during the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform, sponsored by FreePress.

But you will not find it embedded on their site. It is thanks to an "anonymous" contact that subMedia's mysterious "Stimulator" managed to get the unreleased footage. He has also learned that Ms. Klein's critique of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was the reason for withholding the video.

The official reason FreePress gave follows:

Despite our best efforts, we feel that some of our speakers encroached on electoral space during their remarks at the National Conference for Media Reform. It is not in our interest to disseminate these recordings. We are reviewing all of our video content and will add that which we determine to be free of electoral statements to this page.

In other words: stay on topic, preferrably ours.

Which makes the Projectionist wonder why they would book Naomi Klein in the first place. Especially when they know full well that her role as journalist is to critique the news we get spoonfed so daily.

With sincerest thanks to the Stimulator for his efforts (as well as that of the anonymous source), here is the video FreePress didn't want you to see:

Three words for FreePress: Live with it.

Everybody else: Please show your appreciation for subMedia by purchasing DVD videos and other goodness at their Infoshop.

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