August 17, 2008

Coming Attractions: Mumbai Meri Jaan

The next few weeks will be hard for your Projectionist, as he will be hard at work packing up whatever is left of the office he worked at for nine years — and which will be shut down in early September. So the number of posts will be low for a while. Thank you in advance for understanding.

That said, I did want to get the word out about Nishikant Kamat's new film, Mumbai Meri Jaan, which opens this Friday, August 22nd. Set in the city formally known as Bombay — and dealing with the aftermath of the July 11th, 2006 bombings that rocked the city — I personally feel this will appeal not only to some Bollywood fans (the ones who might prefer more substance over spectacle), but to arthouse movie lovers as well.

Be advised that UTV Motion Pictures' special movie site uses Adobe Flash and will take over your entire workspace for the duration.

I can't post the trailer (which isn't subtitled), but you can catch it at the UTV Motion Pictures website.

It should at least prove far more compelling than the recently–opened God Tussi Great Ho (reviewed over at Bollywood Hungama). Apparently, Amitabh Bachchan as the Supreme Being aside, I didn't miss much.

For pure Bollywood escapism, I'd stick with Singh is Kinng, still in current release and still making money after two weekends.

[UPDATE 2008.08.20: Just checked the National Amusements website, to get the showtimes for this week. Sadly, not one of the multiplexes on Long Island (or anywher close) is going to host Mumbai Meri Jaan. Damn. Guess I'll be waiting a while for the imported DVD.

Amazingly, Singh is Kinng is still going strong into its third weekend at the National Amusements multiplex in Farmingdale. Akshay Kumar as a "kingpin" down under outlasted Amitabh Bachchan as the Supreme Being. At the box office in America, and the world over. Fancy that.]

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