August 30, 2008

Coming Attractions: Diane Wolkstein's Journey to the West (updated with video!)

A big heads up to fans of storytelling:

There is a new website on behalf of storyteller Diane Wolkstein and her new performance project: Monkey: Journey to the West.

©2008 Diane Wolkstein/Cloudstone Productions.

Based on the famed Monkey King epic (Xi You Ji), this production unites the talents of Mme. Wolkstein, India's own Anita Ratnam, and Taoist master Sat Hon for a new retelling of Monkey's best–known [mis–]adventures.

From the site:

Our presentation of Monkey offers the excitement of the journey while also focusing on the inner adventures of the protagonists. Monkey has gained immortal powers from studying with the Taoists; his first instincts are to triumph, to prevail. However, in his role as the monk's protector, he runs into constant difficulties, for the Buddhist monk cannot see the difference between fiend and friend and his loving heart would care for all, even those who would destroy them.

Sounds very exciting, and worth watching out for. Perhaps Mme. Wolkstein will eventually get it taped for posterity?

Until it happens, here's some video of her and Anita Ratnam in rehearsal to tie you over:

©2008 Diane Wolkstein / Cloudstone Productions.

If you work for (or know folks who work for) a performing arts agency, have them see the site (as well as Diane's own) and contact the teller. This roadshow deserves to travel far and wide.

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