July 28, 2008

Sin fideos, sin estreallitas, sin arroz

Back in the 1970's, when I discovered Spanish–speaking television (WXTV/41, now a chief Univisión affiliate), the weirdest commercial I recall encountering was one for Campbell's chicken soups (with noodles, with little "star" noodles, and with rice). It featured a cartoon band simply called "The Chickens" rocking the soup company's "Mmm, Mmm, Good!"® jingle — only this time with a laughable Spanish–shoehorned text.

Anyone got it up on YouTube, if for no other reason then as evidence the baka ad existed?

Whilst you wait with baited breath for the unearthing of that one, have a glance at this ad from Estonian TV (with H/T to our friends at BoingBoing):

I'd love to see EarthStation1 compile a couple of discs with these rarities. Do let us know when you get to the 1970's Spanish items, OK?

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