July 15, 2008

PSA: And would you call this just?

For a moment, set your mind to blank. Now press to play the video below. Watch what happens next.

©2007 Breakthrough.

This is but one of a handful of PSAs collectively called "Is This Justice?", launched by the very active people at Breakthrough. Their aim is simple and all too true:

"Is This Justice?" challenges the way in which women in our society are treated, especially women living with HIV/AIDS. These women are either shunned by the family and community or are forced to live on the edge of society after their husbands die of AIDS.

Yes, the campaign, launched last year, targeted audiences in India (using all available media outlets there). But your Projectionist dares you to ask if what happens in ads like this one isn't just an "India" thing.

And, yes, this is the same Breakthrough that recently produced a video game called ICED (I Can End Deportation). Get the game. Get involved. Breakthrough is thinking, dreaming, and acting big. And with good reason.

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