July 29, 2008

It's a congregation, not a target

Your Projectionist, a Unitarian Universalist himself, is sickened by recent events, as noted in this excerpt from NBC News' Today program:

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And here is the Associated Press report on the MSNBC site.

Please be sure to read Sara Robinson's piece on the stuff Unitarian Universalists are made of — and how much s**t we've been through over the years, decades, and, yea, even centuries.

Just so it's clear to you… take a look at who we UUs are and what we hold dear:

© Unitarian Universalist Association.

Then pray for this kind of domestic terrorism to come to an irreversible end.

UPDATE 2008.07.29: Pam's House Blend has gathered more details on what police officials found inside gunman James Adkisson's home, complete with a rapidly—made video I can't embed here but which you might want to watch all the same. And Pandagon has tracked down responses to the news from both readers of the conservative web portal Free Republic (here is the actual page thus far) and one conservative talk radio show host/blogger.

Very sad indeed. And very ugly.

So ugly, that yesterday, your Projectionist sent an e–request to Donna Vaughan of ClearChannel's WALK–FM, arguably Long Island's most powerful (and popular) pop music station, asking that she consider devoting a future Island Assignment broadcast/podcast to how our Unitarian Universalist congregations can continue to be Welcoming Congregations in the wake of what happened to our sister church in Knoxville. What happened there could happen here as well. If she responds, it will be shared here with you.

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