July 29, 2008

Coming Attractions: Senkyo (Campaign)

PBS viewers (and especially POV devotées), heads up: Tonight's your chance to see a one–hour cut of Senkyo (Japanese for "campaign"), Kauzhiro Soda's well–received documentary about LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) member Kazuhiko Yamauchi and his efforts to become part of the city council in Kawasaki.

You think running for office in the States is hard? Try following Yamauchi–sama around if you want to understand "hard."

Here's the trailer with PBS POV wrapping:

And here's Cynthia Fuchs' review for PopMatters.

I won't be able to watch the PBS cut, but here's hoping the "director's cut" eventually makes a subtitled DVD. Without any PBS wrapping, preferably. (Got that, New Video/Docurama?)

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