June 19, 2008

Pretty simple math, isn't it?

And now, a word about global warming (sorry, folks, but it's very real). Or rather, a number:

350. Three hundred and fifty.

As in three hundred and fifty parts per million.

That is the target number for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere. It's either that, or our belové blue home is toast.

Back in 1989, a man named Bill McKibben threw up the red flags on climate change via his book The End of Nature. The message was simple then, and it's painfully clear now: If you want life to keep on keeping on, you gotta make profound changes to the way you live.

Now he has enlisted a team of tech–savvy activists, including the Free Range Studios posse, to help get the number 350 out and visible on a global level.

Welcome, then, to the campaign known simply as — what else? — 350:

©2008 350.org.

Watch it for the same reasons you watch your blood glucose and cholesterol numbers: Life is too precious to throw away.

Especially when, as Barry Commoner once said (and Heather Forest would later echo in Earthsong), there is no such place as "away."

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