June 25, 2008

Music Time: Matt Kresling and… the Monster that Wouldn't Die!!!

Up front: Being in debt can be a real–life horror show. Just ask the people who were interviewed for the documentary Maxed Out (available on Region 1 DVD from Magnolia Pictures); they'll spell it out for you.

Or you could ask Matt Kresling, who lays bare his experience with student loan creditors — using samples of their letters and voice mail messages to him — in this little epic, "The Beast that Swallows its Young":

©2008 Matt Kresling.

All that, plus a nod to Terry Gilliam during his Monty Python days. No electric penguin, though.

Still, it's guaranteed to make an impression, if not with your creditors.

And everyone's got creditors. And everyone likes a good creature feature. Right?

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