June 7, 2008

Music Time: Mari Iijima

We have been meaning to feature Mari Iijima — yes, the celebrated Japanese musician and (voice) actress — for sometime now. We're doing it today in advance of her Sunday, June 22nd show at The Hotel Café in Hollywood, California (7:00 p.m. Pacific time).

Our one problem was choosing just one YouTubed video to go along with this post. So we chose more than one this time around.

So for your pleasure, we begin with "Sunday Date (Nichiyoubi no date)":

…followed by "If You Really Want to Know":

…and, because it's part of her legacy, "Do You Remember Love?" from her Macross days:

We also enjoyed her homemade recording of "Unspoken Love," made at Christmas time last year:

For those of you living in or near the Los Angeles area — and if you're over 21 (The Hotel Café's policy), act now.

The rest of us, including this Long Island, New York Projectionist, can take comfort in enjoying her YouTube video library and the CDs she is selling online with PayPal (as well as on CD Baby). CD Japan and YesAsia are the best places to get her current Japanese catalogue.

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