June 23, 2008

Intermission: CelebrateStory recovery

Your Projectionist is still recovering from the experience known as CelebrateStory 2008. It was a blast, even as the skies changed from rainy to sunny and even a combination of the two. And, as it has happened in the past whenever Diane Wolkstein does an outdoor event, the Goddess smiled on her and her guests.

And the Goddess must have smiled on me to. The videotaping of stories for my new video series and blog went off very well, and I think we got some excellent items to make our first episodes with. There are still a few items to put in place before the series can be launched, so I expect things to get started in the late Summer or early Fall.

Left to right: Len Cabral, Olivier Bernier, Melissa Heckler, Diane Wolkstein, Joan Henry, Bill Harley, and Elisabeth Ellis. Photo: Ari Ress and ©2008 CelebrateStory/Cloudstone Productions.

I will have more to say in the coming days, as I want to start getting the footage into iMovie and/or Kino. Please check back here for the updates when they do come (and they will).

And I will be recording Diane again in the Fall. Guaranteed.

[UPDATE 2008.6.24: I've run into a few camcorder issues with the import. And the start of one story may have been truncated by starting the camcorder too late. We'll recover all we can, rest assured.]

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