June 6, 2008

Coming Attractions: "Cric!?"

Welcome to June. And if you live in or near New York City, it means welcome to the storytelling season.

That's because every Saturday morning from June through September, you can hear real storytelling (not reading, but actual storytelling) at the Statue of Hans Christian Andersen in Central Park (72nd Street & 5th Avenue entrance) in Manhattan. The fun starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends around 12:00 noon. It's free, and great for anyone five years old and up. (Parents: that means you, too.)

The full schedule is up on the Storytelling Center, Inc. of New York City website. Have a look at the dates, and check it out whenever you can this summer.

And whatever you do, please don't miss CelebrateStory 2008, set for Sunday, June 22nd, also at the Andersen Statue in Central Park. There'll be a few big names this year: Diane Wolkstein, Bill Harley (yes, the one who may have given you many a NPR "driveway moment" with his pieces on All Things Considered), Elizabeth Ellis, Joan Henry, Len Cabral, Olivier Bernier (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Melissa Heckler, and James Braley (of The Moth). It's that big. You can't afford to miss it.

Just think of all the fun we had last with Mme. Wolkstein, Raouf Mama, Gioia Timpanelli, Anita Ratnam, Therese Folkes–Plair, and so many others last year (or see for yourself in this short tease):

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Or better yet, get yourself and your family to the Statue this Sunday, June 22nd. We'll be there, too.

Oh, yes: "Cric?!" is shorthand in Haiti for when someone's got a story to tell. If you want to hear it, you shout back "CRAC!"

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