June 3, 2008

Attention, please!

This is your faithful Projectionist speaking.

At this time, I wanted to acknowledge and thank those friends of mine who have supportive of our blog thus far — whether it's been by word–of–mouth publicity, or by advising us of something you made yourself. This is the most fun I have had in blogging thus far, and I'm looking forward to more good times and good shows in the weeks and moths to come.

You may have also just noticed that I've adopted a new look for the blog, much more in keeping with its theme. I'm sorry that it looks a little cluttered at the moment — I have to look in the "control room" (read: the blog template) and see what needs to be adjusted. Rest assured that I'll eventually get things to look "just right" and that everything else should still function properly in the meantime.

Thank you for understanding and for your attention. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the show.

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