May 8, 2008

Some company you keep, sir

More proof, if you really needed it, that Robert Greenwald and his posse at Brave New Films agitate like no one else's business: If you think Reverend (?) John Hagee was scary as a supporter of Republican Senator John McCain's presidential bid (and he is), wait 'till you meet the Reverend Rod Parsley (sage, rosemary, and thyme… {ahem}).

True, the Rev. Hagee's insistence on blaming gay people for bringing Hurricane Katrina was sufficiently whack, and your Projectionist doesn't want to give the guy a pass on that (or anything else). McCain needs to face it, and face it he should.

That said, wait until you see and hear Rev. Parsley's declaration of war on… Islam.

2008 Brave New Films (in association with Mother Jones magazine).

Gee whiz, why is McCain smeging up his own bid for the White House like this? Trashing a Beach Boys classic, hanging with scary men of "the cloth" (how much did it cost, and which mail–order catalogues did they order theirs from?), promising other wars and a century (plus) in Iraq…

Congrats, sir. You just put Barack Obama in the White House this January 2009.

And like the song says, I hope you are satisfied, you rascal, you.

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