May 27, 2008

Remembering Utah Phillips (1935–2008)

It was saddening to hear of the passing of the celebrated folksinger/raconteur/activist Utah Phillips last Saturday (May 23rd). Your Projectionist has since been wading through lots of tributes and memories sent by e–mail and uploaded on the Web, and it'd be hard to properly measure the impact he had not only on other folkies and storytellers everywhere, but on anyone who even just listened to his voice and his words.

Since the news of his passing, a lot of concert footage has made its way to YouTube. First timers, however, should first look at this, the Tuesday, May 27th broadcast of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! (also available in an audio version for those who prefer it).

For those already familiar with the man, this one's a keeper.

If you crave a video souvenir, the Internet Archive has a downloadable version in all the big flavors.

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