May 10, 2008

PSA: You call this "news"?!

Come on. Admit it. Now. You've become upset by what the evening news on TV in the States has become. You've retreated to Pacifica and NPR newscasts or watch the former's Democracy Now! using Miro on your laptop, or gleaming what you want from BuzzFlash because one more adolescent–Idol–in–trouble story will spike your blood glucose level — or worse.

And now our once glorious (eh?) Federal Communications Commission, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that The 700 Club and all those celebrity gossip or showbiz propaganda shows can be considered "a bona fide newscast."

Had enough?

So have the people who are Free Press, and they need to hear from you.

After you watch this, that is…

2008 Free Press.

We will now allow you sufficient time to make use of the toilet and sink.

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