May 1, 2008

PSA: Queen Mum finds Facebook a few security pages short

Facebook users, be advised: Spencer Kelly of the BBC found out, through some simple hacking, that what looks like a harmless "application" on the popular social networking site could in fact be mining your personal data — or that of your friends — for ill gain.

The Beeb's streaming video services won't let us embed (play nice, chaps), but you should still watch it anyway.

Besides, your Projectionist is among those good people using Facebook. Along with some of his personal friends.

I have my qualms with the BBC — especially when its "captive audience" has to pay an annual TV license tax for content they may not necessarily like. But give the network props: They have a solid news service.

(Speaking of which: PBS viewers used to the half–hour relay of BBC World headline news, be advised: It will be replaced in October by a new Stateside–based program made by Educational Broadcasting Corporation [PBS affiliates WNET/Thirteen and WLIW/21]. The Beeb apparently wants more eyes glued to BBC America, which is handled via the people who bring you the Discovery Channel. Good luck with that, especially if your cable or satellite service isn't ready to offer it just yet.)

[UPDATE 2008.05.12: I was unaware that the BBC is merely changing partners for its evening news relay via PBS stations, from WLIW in New York to KCET in Los Angeles. Here are the proper details, via the Beeb's news blog, The Editors. My apologies to our readers for not having all the details at the time.

That said, it's fairly likely that New York's PBS viewers will be getting the new WLIW–made news show as originally noted, and will have to look elsewhere for the BBC's news programming.]

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Paul said...

Don't worry - BBC World News WILL still be available to PBS stations.

What's happening is that WLIW/WNET are launching their own show in competition, so some PBS stations will show that and some will continue to show BBC World News.