May 6, 2008

Music Time: The FM3 Buddha Machine (+Staalplaat Sound System)

Recently, the Projectionist was asked what he would like for his birthday. With so much up in the air right now, he couldn't think of a thing.

Until now. He now wants the FM3 Buddha Machine.

Not much bigger than your average Apple iPod® — and much cheaper (USD 23 from Forced Exposure, plus USD 4.50 for UPS shipping in the States), it does only one thing: it plays sound loops. And those loops, as noted by The Worst Horse, "are sort of drony, chanty, and/or Asian sounding — but in some sort of faraway, gurgling, 'dream–Asia' way. A poor explanation, granted, but the sounds themselves are lovely. Their drony, chanty quality is surely one reason for the Buddha Machine's name. It's as if the sounds are emanating from a busy, distant temple. A busy, distant temple underwater somewhere."

But don't take the Horse's word for it: Get a earful (and a feel for the Machine) by checking out this Flash–powered version(!!).

Meanwhile, we've noted that some playful people, such as the group calling itself the Staalplaat Soundsystem (as in Staalplaat), are finding good uses for the Machine in their shows:

2007 Staalplaat.

Here is a list of other places to get this little beauty.

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