May 1, 2008

Might as well face it, you're addicted to cars

Scary time to be driving that SUV, much less any other vehicle that uses gas, right?

You now know that corn–derived fuel equals hunger (and worse) for everybody else in the world, no matter what our commander–in–thief would have you believe. And that price at the pump isn't coming down any time soon, tax holiday or no.

And now that you know it, whatcha gonna do about it, eh?

You could try one proposal offered in two separate pieces on the Internet Archive.

First comes a subMedia short featuring Robert del Bueno (who plays bass in the band Man or Astroman?), who guides you From the Fry Daddy to Your Car:

Then hop in with the Kabaret Sixquarantien for their 2005 joyride entitled Lipopropulsion (no subtitles on this one, but you should be able to get the "drift" pretty darn quickly):

One more thing before you crank up that Gary Neuman track: Make sure you hang those speakers back up onto their posts and fasten your seat belts.

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