May 4, 2008

Look, ma — no handcuffs! (Yet!)

We have the New Hampshire Free Press to thank for the news about one Dave Ridley, who's been traveling here and there with an… illegal puppet (marionette) show.

"Illegal," only because puppet shows in New Hampshire are supposed to be licensed. It's actually the law in that state.

Which means that Mr. Ridley, a Ron Paul supporter, could eventually end up in jail. Hasn't happened yet, though.

Nothing obscene about his show — unless you think a retelling of Henry David Thoreau's time in jail (for refusing to pay the poll tax for the Mexican–American war, of all things) is obscene.

For the moment, enjoy the daring moment, and excuse all instances of shaky camerawork (in this video by John Connell)…

…and self–promotion by Mr. Ridley himself (most recent video first):

Let's hope Janice Buckner doesn't get this desperate.

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