May 30, 2008

House Lights: Your movie habits

Let's take a breather from our near–perpetual picture show and give you a chance to weigh in with your thoughts:

  • What kind of a movie person are you?

  • How do you watch movies? On the big or the small screen?

  • How many movies do you watch online? Are you a torrent or Usenet devotee? (Don't panic — no one's being condemned here.)

  • Between critics, ads, teasers and trailers, which ones affect you the most?

  • Which director do you see yourself as the most?

For the record, your Projectionist:

  • roots for the indies (real indies, not the fake indie imprints used by Hollywood);

  • finds himself in front of a Mac or Ubuntu screen or his small TV and DVD/VCD combo more often than not;

  • is very comfy with YouTube and the Internet Archive;

  • does his best to ignore the ads, takes critics with the usual grain of salt,and likes a good trailer providing that the movie being plugged looks intriguing;

  • and relates to the casting and guerilla filmmaking practices of Peter Watkins, even if he can't be in the English director's league.

Why Peter Watkins? He prefers casting non–professionals in most of his movies — and not just in walk–on roles. And the results — Culloden, The War Game, Gladiatorerna/The Gladiators, Punishment Park, La Commune (Paris 1871) — are nothing short of amazing. (Project X Distribution and First Run Features have ported the above films to DVD, and more are on the way.)

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