May 9, 2008

Feature Presentation: Empire or Humanity?

If you have ever heard of the notable writer and lecturer Howard Zinn (A People's History of the United States), you will be more than prepared for our Feature Presentation.

This time around, it is a video featurette made in support of the recently published book A People's History of American Empire, jointly made by Mr. Zinn, historian Paul Buhle, and cartoonist (yes, we said "cartoonist") Mike Konopacki. Yes, this particular volume is presented in a form not unlike your graphic novel or manga, and the accompanying video — its text in this case an essay on TomDispatch — makes excellent use of Mr. Konopacki's black and white art, sometimes combined with actual images from the news.

Just watch, and pay close attention to Mr. Zinn's train of thought:

Viggo Mortensen, recently seen in David Cronenberg's A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, is the one giving voice to Mr. Zinn's words.

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