May 19, 2008

Coming attraction: If privatized war turns you on…

…then check out this trailer for John Cusack's new feature, War, Inc., forthcoming from Nu Image/Millenium and First Look:

2008 Nu Image/Millenium Films.

There's also a lengthy interview with Mr. Cusack over at AlterNet.

Meanwhile, the Center for Media and Democracy notes something Mr. Cusack might not be ready to bring up: He is one of the nominees for the "Shamie Awards," for his role in glamorizing the cigarette habit in the movies. The Shamies are part of the Fame & Shame Awards presented by the New Mexico Media Literacy Project and New Mexico Voices for Children (with the Smoke Free Movies Campaign lending support).

So, Mr. Cusack, tell us: Do you believe that tobacco lends itself to creativity? Just asking.

The "trophies" get handed out on Friday, June 6th.

And the other Shamie nominees? Nicolas Cage, Jamie Foxx, the soul idol Beyoncé and (this one really hurts) England's Emma Thompson.

Oy. Vey. Ye. Goddesses.

[UPDATE 2008.05.23: Credit where credit is due: Mr. Cusack co–authored the movie with Mark Leyner and Jeremy Pikser. Joshua Seftel is the director.]

[UPDATE 2008.06.06: It is now playing in the suburbs. Not a lot of them, but you take what you can get.]

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