April 25, 2008

Wow, that was a quick speech

Robert Greenwald's feisty enterprise known as Brave New Films and AlterNet jointly offer this morning's breakfast special:

Humble (creme) pie. To go. To New York Times essayist Thomas Friedman, who came to Brown University to say why "Green is the new Red, White, and Blue."

As you will see below, the Greenwash Guerillas — who made this shaky short, and who have issues with Mr. Friedman's issues — didn't even let him get started.

Attendees also saw this on leaflets thrown at them:

"Thomas Friedman deserves a pie in the face…

  • Because of his sickeningly cheery applaud for free market capitalism's conquest of the planet.

  • For telling the world that the free market and techno fixes can save us from climate change. From carbon trading to biofuels, these distractions are dangerous in and of themselves, while encouraging inaction with respect to the true problems at hand.

  • For helping turn environmentalism into a fake plastic consumer product for the privileged.

  • For his long-standing support for the US Occupation of Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Such committed support to the US War Ma'hine and its proxy states overseas cannot be masked behind any twisted mask of 'green' — the US Military is the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

  • For his pure arrogance.

On behalf of the earth and all true environmentalists — we, the Greenwash Guerrillas, declare Thomas Friedman's 'Green' as fake and toxic to human and planetary health as the cool–whip [sic] covering his face."

I don't know. It looked like a lousy aim to me.

I'd hate to see the dry cleaning bill.

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