April 26, 2008

Music Time: Land of the Blind

Up front: I love Cyoakha Grace O'Manion.

If anyone in the United States could be designated a Goddess of Music, Cyoakha Grace would be the one. The sheer range of influences she and her chief band — Land of the Blind — have absorbed over the years would guarantee that, after an evening of their music, you'd never want to travel abroad again.

On top of that, she and her band simply enjoy what they do.

But discover them for yourself, first by sampling "Tribe of Dance"…

…made at one of their fave gigs… Burning Man.

Got your feet moving? Then keep them loose with the Blind's "Trance Peace Concert."

Both videos 2007-2008 O'Manion Music Company.

Bonus: Go over to the Blind's website for details on their latest CD release, entitled Shamans of Sound. Be sure to listen to the MP3 sampler of tracks from the album. If you hear someone chanting in Esperanto, it's your friendly neighborhood Projectionist.

Jes, mi parolas Esperanton. And so can you.

(This post was brought to you by Ubuntu [8.04], probably the coolest Linux distro on the planet.)

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