April 22, 2008

It's show time, folks!

Welcome! Bonvenon! Glidis!*

Courtesy of the Internet Archive.

You're just in time for the features at the Whack–a–Flick Multiplex — your single stop for all sorts of coming streaming attractions.

We'll have it all here … Comedy! Adventure! Suspense! Occasional Sobering Moments! Imports from Esperantoland! And don't forget those come–ons for upcoming events and all sorts of synthetic edibles! Smeg–ups! Religious nuts and the pachyderms who love 'em! More musical variety than you'd find on a bleedin' Clear Channel station!

And new attractions added almost every day.

And… it's all absolutely free! (We knew you'd like that, right?)

So get your snacks and drinks together and find those seats, folks! The house lights are dimming, and you're just in time. Do enjoy the show!

(Oh, will the lady upfront please remove her hat?)

* Alright, so I also want to learn Volapük…

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