April 27, 2008

Coming Attractions: EuroMayDay 2008

Planning to visit Europe on May 1st? EuroMayDay will be waiting for you!

From their official website:

The EuroMayDay network, a web of media activists, labor organizers, migrant collectives convening each year in a different European city. Last mayday assembly was in Berlin, where it was agreed that these would be the demands surrounding the protests for EuroMayDay 008:

  • full legalization for all persecuted migrants

  • self–organizing and unionizing rights freed from state repression

  • unconditional basic income

  • a european [sic] living wage

  • free access to culture, knowledge, and skills

  • the right to cheap housing

Sounds like something good to us. Wish we could have that kind of platform over here.

Enjoy what follows, starting with the general announcement:

and proceed to this short dance number (in Spanish):

Then there are these two interlinked pieces from Germany (the soundtrack is the same, but the videos were made from "alternate angles," as you might find on certain DVDs):

(Pardon the off–colour humour here)

… and finally, one multi–lingual invite:

Kio? ─łu nenio en Esperanto?

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